MA-1100 Power Booster Panel



Power Booster – MA-1100

The MA-1100 power booster is a 4.5 amp notification power expander compatible with MTech’s fire alarm control panels. Up to eight units can be installed on the main panel. Complete with its own AC power, battery charging circuit and backup battery, the MA-1100 has four fully programmable NAC’s, three completely programmable relays, one fire relay and one alarm trouble relays. It is programmed through the main panel. 


  • Accepts user codes or fire fighter’s key (Optional)
  • Larger Reset and Silence keypad buttons
  • Eight remote installations per FACP
  • RS-485 interface to panel
  • On-board Piezo sounder audibly indicates Alarms, Troubles and Supervisories
  • Five status LEDs for Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble, Silence and AC power conditions

Download the MA-1100 Booster product’s page

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