MA 1050 Remote Annunciator



Remote Annunciator – MA 1050

The main control panel has a built-in annunciator with a four line, 64-character backlit LCD display with easy to understand system messages and a user-friendly membrane keypad. It additionally supports up to eight remote annunciators with matching control and display layout with two levels of user codes to limit operating system programming to authorised personnel only. The built-in annunciator also has five system status LEDs for Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble, Silence and AC power. The Reset and Silence buttons on the keyboard are noticeably larger than the rest. The annunciator enclosure can be surface or flush mounted.


  • 64-character backlit LCD display (4 lines with 16 characters on each line)
  • Membrane Keypad
  • Accepts user codes or fire fighter’s key (Optional)
  • Larger Reset and Silence keypad buttons
  • Eight remote installations per FACP
  • RS-485 interface to panel
  • On-board Piezo sounder audibly indicates Alarms, Troubles and Supervisories
  • Five status LEDs for Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble, Silence and AC power conditions

Download the MA-1050 product’s page

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