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MTech’s diverse product range offers advanced fire protection devices with a wide range of sensory elements and interfacing features for a complete central system:

  • Our sophisticated and compact control analog and conventional panels interface with protocols of leading fire detection systems on the market today.
  • Our intelligent addressable fire alarm systems can program multiple addresses and recall old addresses for future use.
  • Our sensory technology minimizes unnecessary alarms without sacrificing prompt activation, with intelligently discriminating devices that can discriminate between fire and non-threatening or deceptive conditions. MTech’s interdisciplinary research and design team is made up of engineers with over twenty years of combined experience in all aspects of fire detection and gas extinguishing systems, providing us with flexible and short turnaround time design advantages.
  • Our knowledgeable multi-lingual staff provides services that include training and on-site consultation and technical support. MTech is positioned with a global reach, having had its fire systems installed in complex multi-building sites such as hospitals, airports, hotels, banks and shopping centers, as well as military and high tech industries around the world, namely the Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe, and India.

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