MB 200-Series



The MB 200-Series offers sophisticated features required of a leading-edge conventional fire alarm control panels, while meeting the demand for simple operation and installation requirements of both installers and building users.
The MTech MB 200 conventional fire alarm control panels are available as 2, 4 and 8 Class B zone. It offers a vast variety of functional features that makes it a highly flexible, cost effective and powerful fire alarm control panel. The MB 200 Range conforms to and is capable of interfacing with leading conventional fire detection accessories and devices, by Cooper*, Apollo, Hochiki, System Sensor and others.

The MB is compatible with conventional input devices such as smoke detectors, manual pull stations, water-flow devices, tamper switches and other normally-open contact devices. It can set off the audible and visual signaling devices of compatible smoke detectors or any normallyopenn fire alarm initiating modules when activated.

The MB comes standard with a 4.5 amp (also available in 6.5 amp), a 24Vdc smart power supply, and a vast variety of functional features with four Class B notification appliance circuits (NAC), three programmable relays, dedicated alarm and trouble relays, RS485 port and optional RS232 port. The NAC protocol is capable of programming outputs, and silence audible devices while strobes continue to flash using a single pair of wires. MTech also offers a remote annunciator panel expansion module, the MA-1050, designed to interface with the MB fire alarm control panel.

*The MB also offers an integration capability, allowing it to work in cooperation with Cooper devices to enable cross-detector alarms in each of the zones. It also offers a cross zone between the zones for sophisticated functionality, and can provide Supervisory notification. The call-point can perform a cross-zone verwrite.

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