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MTech – Clever Fire Solutions

At MTech, we introduce clever uninterrupted fire detection solutions committed to savings  lives and property.  With over two decades of experience in all aspects of fire detection and gas extinguishing systems, our design  flexibility focuses on making  high value products that abide by strict international standards with advanced capabilities and interfacing features that are cost effective to your bottom  line.

From the simplest instillation to complex  multi-building sites,  we promise advanced solutions combined with professional consultation and training.  MTech products are being integrated into projects in many parts of the world, including the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe  and Russia.

Our Core values:

    • Be the first to introduce clever and cost-effective uninterrupted fire detection solutions to improve life and property safety
    • Invest in our experienced multi-lingual team who provide training and on-site consultation and technical support and forge long term relationships with our customers
    • Committed to leading-edge product research and development
    • To be fully compliant with the latest international standards

The MA Analog Range is a clever addressable fire alarm control system capable of interfacing with advanced brain protocols of leading fire detection systems on the market.
Its flexible design makes the MA-1000 one of the most powerful and cost effective analog panels available, with quick response time and easy integration to support a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.
The minimalistic design of the MA offers advanced functionality to support complex cause and effect programming for industrial, high-tech and military applications, as well as a wide range of public institutions such as hospitals, airports, universities, and others.

The MB Conventional Range is a clever highly flexible, powerful and cost-effective fire alarm control system capable of interfacing with leading fire detection systems currently available on the market.
The MB Range is available as 2, 4 and 8 zone panels Class B with advanced programming capabilities, an operating voltage of 24Vdc, and a vast variety of functional features, making it an effective installer and end-user friendly fire detection solution.

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