High-rise in the heart of Tel Aviv

Our Solution for SKYSCRAPERS


The challenge

Our challenge was to build a highly reliable network of systems for fast fire detection, fire safety and emergency evacuation without any false alarms, according to the standard for commissioning of fire protection and life safety systems NFPA3, 72, 92 which is outlined to ensure systems perform in conformity with the design intent, and NFPA4, 72, 92 which outlines test scenarios to confirm the operation, interaction and coordination of multiple individual system perform their intended function. The integrated network would include fire detection, water extinguishers, voice evacuation, smoke management, fire telephones and disabled refuge networked systems and a firefighter’s control center.

The solution

To overcome challenges presented by size, we created two systems: one for the safety of the offices and shopping mall, without the public areas, and the other for elevators, stairs and lobby and the underground parking.

In C6, MTech utilizes more then fifty MA-1000 – MTech’s analog addressable control 2-loop panels (each loop can hold up to 200 addressable devices, UL864 10th edition) together with our analog addressable smoke (MA-320) and heat (MA-330) detectors and other smart addressable devices for fast detection of events.

Each of the MA-1000 panels was connected to dumpers, flow and tamper switches, fire doors, lifts and emergency generators. Together, they connect to each other to form a class A integrated system, which is monitored directly in MTech’s analog addressable smoke management system which includes MTech’s MA-FSCS designed for firefighters in accordance with NFPA92 and NFPA72.

Each system includes internal maintenance testing capabilities that will be scheduled monthly, and together with detector testing performed regularly we assure system maintenance is strictly kept. The system will automatically generate system report for the fire safety building manager. Also, and in accordance with NFPA3 & 4 requirements mentioned above, we installed MTech’s MA-Graphical Monitoring Software to preform periodic testing and building modifications , and provide e building safety team with reports for preliminary building inspections, component system testing and acceptance testing for smoke management systems.

Furthermore, the MA-FSCS firefighter’s control center can be programmed using MTech’s S-BMS monitoring software (installed on the fire and smoke management station), and with the MA-1050NET touchscreen remote annunciator which displays the smoke management system working with fan and damper operations in real time.

C6 is an example of MTech’s ability to provide advanced fire protection in a single high-rise but our technology and capabilities are also suitable for multi-building projects as well, all the way through to an entire smart city.