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International Fire Protection Magazine Issue 85, 2021.

International Fire Protection Magazine Issue 85, 2021.

MTech Fire Detection Systems was mentioned in International Fire Protection Magazine, March 2021, Issue 85.

MTech was mentioned in International Fire Protection Magazine March 2021, Issue 85.

Innovative Fire Safety and Smoke Detection Solutions that provide the first line of defense in protecting lives and property

Located in pastoral North of Israel, MTech Fire Detection Systems, a worldwide leader of advanced fire safety solutions, develops and markets intelligent, analog addressable and conventional fire and smoke detection solutions that save lives and property.

Founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of Matael Group, MTech Fire Detection Systems was established to address a growing need for innovative fire safety and smoke detection solutions, suitable for the needs of the UL international markets in quality that meets the most rigorous fire safety standards.

In nine years of operation, we’ve focused on design, development and manufacturing of best-in-class products. Today, our products are sold across the globe with local presence in Israel, Russia & CIS, India and the USA, and sales operations in the Gulf and APAC countries.

Meeting the latest UL standards, delivering advanced products ahead of the market

MTech brings forward thinking and innovation into everything we do. As such, our strategy is to be the first to release products and systems implementing the cutting-edge technologies, and meeting the latest international standards* and requirements, allowing our customers to always remain ahead of the game.

Our products offer unique integration options with each other, as well as with third party products that meet the same standards.

*MTech’s current product portfolio is in line with UL864 10th Edition (S36158, S36306); EN54, NFPA, SII, TR TC EAC and GOST-UZ.

Providing full range of fire safety products and systems, suitable for any industry and covering any fire safety need

With a mission is to address the entire scope of fire safety needs, we developed a solution portfolio which can be implemented in any industry and any type building and includes: analog addressable and conventional systems, gas and water extinguishing systems, smoke management systems, emergency evacuation systems and our latest release S-BMS, a first of its kind safety building management software that is controlled with a fully visualized interface, and can be used for monitoring and controlling fire safety in anything  from a single building to an entire city.

MTech’s fire systems are installed in numerous sites across the globe, including hospitals and medical facilities, airports, hotels, banks, shopping centers, sports arenas, public buildings, military, manufacturing and high tech. Our systems are accurate and design flexible, making them suitable for any type of building and industry.