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MTech Announcement!

MTech Announcement!

MTech receives UL864 10th Edition Certificate of Compliance

MTech Fire Detection Systems receives a UL864 10th Edition Certificate of Compliance for its entire range of Analog Addressable, Releasing and Smoke Management systems.

The certificate confirms MTech position at the forefront of fire safety and smoke detection development, and the exceptional standard of our product.

We are glad to announce that Mtech Fire Detection Systems received a Certificate of Compliance of the Latest UL864 10th Edition for the following product categories:

• Network and Local Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels-MA series: MA-1(Apollo Protocol), MA-1000A(Apollo Protocol), MA-1000(Eaton Protocol) (UOJZ);
• Conventional and Releasing Fire Alarm Control Panels – MB-202, 204 and 208 (UOJZ; SYZV);
• Local and Remote Annunciator – MA-1050A, MA-1050NET (UOXX);
• Network Interfaces and Addressable Control Units for Monitoring Inputs/Outputs/Relays – MA series (UOXX);
• Smoke Management System – MA-FSCS (UUKL);
• S-BMS  (Safety Building Management Software) – MA-Monitoring – Network Graphical Software.

Mtech Fire Detection Systems meet the highest requirements of the UL864 10th edition standard and are ready for installation on site in accordance with the NFPA codes: 12A, 70, 72, 92, 750, 2001, 2010.

UL864 10th Edition