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Showcase for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Showcase for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Win the Double Challenge with MTech: All-in-one Smart Showcase for the Pharmaceutical industry, preventing fire in an explosive environment with strict regulations.

Pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnology facilities present a complex fire safety challenge: they handle and store many dangerous chemicals on their premises and operate in an extremely hazardous environment, they also face strict health and safety regulations.

Our client: 

Taro Pharmaceutical Industries, a NYSE listed, research-based pharma company, develops, manufactures, markets and distributes high-quality generics, branded Rx and OTC products from its 100k sq. m plant in Haifa, Israel. The company has more than 200 products, in a variety of therapeutic areas principally dermatology, analgesics, gastro, CNS, cardiology.

Our challenges: 

To design a highly reliable network of fire safety systems (fast smoke systems, flame and gas detection, smoke management systems and emergency evacuation) at the company’s 20-building facility which includes production facilities, laboratories and clean rooms, raw material warehouses, finished goods warehouse, electricity rooms and office space. The plant manufactures 24/7, 365 days a year, with only one 8-hour shut down for maintenance and service once a year(!), we had to guarantee things always ran smoothly, with no false alarms and in compliance to standards for commissioning of fire protection and life safety systems NFPA3, 72, 92 and 654. 

In addition, we had to meet the NFPA 654, standard for prevention of fire and dust explosions for the manufacturing, processing and handling of combustible particulate solids, 2020 edition, plus NFPA 45 standard on fire protection for laboratories using chemicals. 

Our solution: 

In order to overcome challenges presented by overall plant size and its multiple buildings, we installed a local system in each building and connected them to one main control centre. In total we utilized:

  • Network of 25 MTech MA-1000 analogue addressable fire alarm control panels (each panel can hold up to 400 addressable devices, UL864 10th edition).
  • 2,000 MTech MA-320 analogue addressable smoke detectors. 
  • Special explosion-proof smoke detectors for clean rooms and raw material warehouses; aspirating detectors for labs and clean rooms and gas & flame detectors installed in raw and finished goods warehouses.
  • Local network of 50 MTech MB-208 conventional fire extinguishing control panels (for gas extinguishing FM-200) for electricity & server rooms.
  • Network of three MTech MA-FCSC smoke management systems which come with an interactive mimic map. Each unit is responsible for removal of smoke in 45 directions. 

Each and every system installed, includes internal maintenance testing capabilities, which are scheduled weekly, together with constant detector testing. We assure system maintenance is up kept strictly on a regular basis. The system automatically generates system reports for the fire safety building manager. Also, and in accordance with NFPA3 & 4 requirements mentioned above, we installed MTech’s MA-Graphical Monitoring Software, to preform periodic testing and building modifications, which provide building safety team with reports for preliminary building inspections, component system testing and acceptance testing for smoke management systems. 

Furthermore, the MA-FSCS fire smoke control system can be monitored using Mtech’s S-BMS (safety building management) software with the MA-1050NET touchscreen remote annunciator, which together with the mimic map, displays the smoke management system working together with fans and dampers operating in real time.

Taro is an example of MTech’s ability to provide advanced fire protection in a multi-facility pharmaceutical plant. MTech’s technology and capabilities are also suitable for smaller projects. 

Case study was published Gulf Fire Magazine October 2021 issue 24 and MTech LinkedIn.